Gelbart Kahana - the largest Investor Relations and Public Relations firm in Israel

The firm’s two founders and managers: Mr. Zeev Gelbart and Mr. Emanuel Kahana, are former bankers with vast experience in business and media communications advisory services targeting the capital market.

Gelbart Kahana's strategic partner, FTI Consulting is a global leader in PR, strategic consulting and M&A consulting services.

Our firm has extensive relations with all institutional investors in Israel, the capital market community and private investors, as well as professional relations with all of the Israeli media.

  • Advice and assistance in preparing for general meetings

  • Capital market surveys

  • Accompanying companies through IPO

Capital Market - FTI Consulting Investor Relations

Gelbart Kahana’s ultimate goal is the quality of its services, and therefore, the firm is proud of its staff of over 30 professionals, who continuously and fully serve all of our client needs

Gelbart Kahana Investor Relations & Business Communication Ltd. is an independent firm and is not part of the FTI Consulting group of companies. FTI Consulting is not responsible for the acts and omissions of Gelbart Kahana Investor Relations & Business Communication Ltd.