Gelbart Kahana Investor Relations and Public Relations Services

Investor Relations
Investor Relations

Investor Relations is an essential tool for proving a company’s true economic value. Investor Relations activities are designed to strengthen the capital market’s perception of a public company’s profile and its economic value, while ensuring full transparency of the company’s messages to institutional investors - whether  provident funds, mutual funds, insurance companies and pension funds, as well to the entire capital market community and private investors.

Public Relations
Public Relations ​​

Gelbart Kahana is considered Israel’s leading firm for business communications, consulting and Public Relations (PR), and provides services for public and private companies alike. The firm’s PR activities focus mainly on the capital market and on building an accurate corporate image, while promoting professional marketing messages.

We specialize in providing creative and dynamic PR services to the companies in our portfolio, in complete synergy with the firm’s IR activities in order to provide our clients with a clear advantage.

GK International
GK International IR & PR​​

GK provides investor and public relations services to more than 30 Israeli companies whose focus is investor or public relations internationally.

GK leverages its consulting activities, including road Shows, market research, Investor Relations and Public Relations services to its customers internationally.

Gelbart Kahana is the leading Investor Relations firm in Israel accompanying its clients in a variety of fields