Investor Relations

Gelbart Kahana is the only Investor Relations firm that provides a complete portfolio of services to public corporations in Israel, including its expertise in providing customized advisory services, management of Investor Relations and full representation in Israel and abroad. The firm’s vast experience in Investor Relations and its high standards of professionalism are backed by a long list of accomplishments:

  • Correctly positioning of publicly traded companies in the capital market

  • Various courses of action to publicize a company’s value

  • Strengthen relations with current shareholders

  • Correct and appropriate approaches to potential investors

  • Increase the tradability of company's shares

  • Craft company's messages for various capital market events

  • Organize high-quality work meetings with investment houses and relevant financial bodies

  • Continuous professional accompaniments during road shows

  • Organize and conduct dozens of capital market conferences each year

  • Precise analysis of company's financial statements

  • Manage capital market crises

  • Contend with high-risk markets and evolving circumstances

  • Highlight investment opportunities / identify trading that is short of economic value

  • Take all actions to ensure a maximal transparency by companies

  • Accurate interface with regulatory authorities (Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Israel, the Supervisor of Banks, the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange and the Israel Securities Authority).

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